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Here is what our customers say about working with Market Hardware’s Web Expert Team

"I'm very proud of my website - thanks Market Hardware!"

Rick Bishop, Town & Country Pool and Spa

"Who can I pass compliments on to at Market Hardware. I received 2 calls yesterday and 1 today. The woman today said “ I’m looking at your web site and I’m so excited!!"

Wendy Tobin, Milwaukee Pet Sitters, www.milwaukeepetsitters.com

"Thanks very much for your update, I am really impressed! Had no idea you would get my web site on so many Search Engines. Thanks for all the Team has done. Please pass the word."

Bill Usher, Usher Appraisal Service, www.usherappraisal.com

"Thank You and I am extremely happy with everything. I‘ve been getting a lot of compliments on the site already and it‘s just the beginning."

Chris Marino, Pryde Contracting, Inc., www.prydecontracting.com

Working for Happy Customers Helps Us Build Even Better Web Sites.

"I love my website, and we love what you do for us"

Roger Priest, Priest Home Inspection, www.priesthomeinspection.com

"I love the web site! It's just what I wanted so I'm very happy and satisfied with all of your help and advice. I am glad that I chose your company to design this very important part of my little empire. It gives me credibility and accessibility to people moving in the modern communication world. Once again thank you for all the extra help and personal involvement with this project."

Tim Bumford, Intraspect Home Inspections, www.intraspections.com

"I want to say how much I've enjoyed working with you to put it together. Thanks for overseeing the design of a graceful and informative site. I'm delighted with the result. Throughout the process you were always clear in your oral and written information, and your answers to my many questions. I enjoyed our frequent conversations. You were always pleasant and gracious and prompt in responding. If I asked stupid questions, and I'm sure I did from time to time, you never seemed to notice. I also want to say that I'm impressed with Market Hardware's organized and professional method of building web sites. I've already spoken highly of the firm to my friends and colleagues. Although it's early, I'm beginning to get feedback from clients and potential clients about the site."

Stephen M. Brent, Brent & Roberts

"I think it's the best site of all my competitors and I can't wait to direct people to it. VERY GOOD work. Thanks!"

Chris Zinn, Zinn Home Inspections, www.inspectwithzinn.com

We are Proud that Every One of These Quotes is UNSOLICITED!

"Thank you so much! We like it! I need to tell you - good job! Thank you. Let me know if you need anything from me! I will be glad to help!"

Katerina, The Shang Law Firm, www.shanglaw.com

"Thank You. What a terrific project MH has provided in the design of the web page. Some people have called me since it's launch and they all state that it's a good web site..."

Chris, Donicz Electrical Contractors, LLC, www.donicz-electric.com

"I want to thank you for all the time you put into developing our new website and the patience you and your coworkers had with us during the process. Our new site looks great and very professional. We are very happy to refer our clients it. The site has only been live for a short time and we have already received a few requests for estimates! It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on this project. Your knowledge and creativity show through in our site!"

Traci Brundrett, www.gregslawn.com

"Thank you for all of your hard work. You guys did a great job!"

Robert Groff, Groff Landscape Design, www.grofflandscapedesign.com

"Easy Peasy."

Ed Larson, Larson Exterminator's, Poway, CA, www.larsonexterminators.com

"Now I'm proud to tell prospects to check out my web site!"

Hollis Brown, Home Inspector Training Academy, Haymarket VA, www.HITA-Training.com

Happy Customers Make it Easy to Come to Work Everyday!

"My new website showcases my properties beautifully. Impressive!"

Josh Ruben, Commercial Real Estate Manager, Columbus OH, www.plazaproperties.com

"The site looks great. Thank everyone for a job well done. I'll recommend you to my non-competitors."

Landis Fields, Total Comfort Heating & Air, Inc., Lansing, MI, www.totalcomfortlansing.com

“WOW! The site looks awesome.... Thanks again, you guys are wonderful!...It looks great! The site we had before was ok, but this one I will be proud of thanks to you....Thanks for your help and patience.”

Tim Hamilton, Associated Building Inspectors of Florida, Miami, FL, www.abif-inspections.com

I’m soo excited!! Everyone is going to love the work you all have done!

Kerry Chukes, Variety Windows, Springfield, VA, www.varietywindows.com

"Luckily I’m busy, busy with work thanks to this website!!"

John Nelson, Appraiser by the Bay, Richmond, CA, www.appraisersbythebay.com

We LOVE Happy Customers!

"I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with us, I thought we could get this done in two weeks! I don't know what I was thinking. You guys have done a really wonderful job. Every time we look at our new changes we all crowd around the computer and oohhh and aaahhhh. We have even started showing our customers the photos of their dogs on the temporary site and they just love it! Thank you again for doing such a good job I know all of the effort will be worth the wait."

Meredith Goldenhersh, Pets & Company, Chesterfield, MO, www.petsandcompany.net

"Thanks Heidi! By the way, on Friday I spoke to a graduating class of home inspectors. I told them all to go to Market Hardware to set up their web sites."

Bill Duncan, Home Status Inspection Company, LLC, Haymarket, VA, www.HomeStatusInspection.com

"I'm very pleased with my site, and I have been very happy with your services. Every question I've had was answered, and you gave me great help in getting the domain name I wanted. I can't say enough good things about your service."

Dr. Schmidt, Schmidt Chiropractic, Manchester, MA, www.schmidtchiropractic.com

"The new site, by the way, is a phenomenal success--looks just like the $50K design jobs from the big PR firms!"

Derek Leebaert, Management Assessment Partners, Zurich, Switzerland, www.mgmtassessment.com

“Laureen, The site looks great. I really like it. Thanks for all the last minute tweaks. You guys rock!”

Brian Cooper, Potomac Elevator, Washington, DC, www.potomacelevator.com

We are Proud that Every One of These Quotes is UNSOLICITED!

"Absolutely! I would love for you to use me as a great reference for future websites in the pet industry - I'm very happy with your services and would love to share that with anyone out there that may need your services - you all were kind, and always willing to help and get this live - I could not have done this without you! It just looks fantastic!!!!"

Lisa Corson, Vero Beach Pet Sitters, Vero Beach, FL, www.verobeachpetsitters.com

"You guys are the greatest, I am happy I signed up with Market Hardware"

Nicholas D Canepa, Canepa Home Inspection Service, Carmichael , CA, www.canepahomeinspection.com

“I guess except for the shouting and celebrating we are done. Thank you once again for all your effort, technical expertise and perseverance.”

Jack Davies, Captnkool, Inc, Sebastian, FL, www.captn-kool.com

“It’s absolutely amazing. The website is responsible for 40 – 50% of my business.”

Gerry Skorownski , Reliable Inspection Service, Eastpointe, MI, www.reliableinspectionservice.com

“It looks great!! You guy’s do wonderful work and have a very smooth system for keeping in touch and up to date…”

Mike Welter , Throughout the House Home Inspection, Rolla, MO, www.throughoutthehouse.com

"You rocked our world with the new site!"

Russell Banks, Gear, Gaithersburg, MD, www.gear-fitness.com

Happy Customers Make it Easy to Come to Work Everyday!

"My new website projects just the right image for me and my business."

Ron Rubin, Bridgewater Wealth Advisors, Bethesda, MD, www.bridgewaterwealth.com

"We had a great experience building our site. Everything looks fantastic. Thank you!"

Shane Roye, A/C Power Heating & Air, Inc., Fayetteville, GA, www.acpowerhvac.com

"Market Hardware was committed, professional and respectful. I would recommend then as an exemplary customer service company.”

Arline Robertson, NTM Services, Inc., Keller, TX, www.ntmserv.com

"We couldn't have built our site without your help. We've tried a couple of times with other folks, but you're the first ones to give us everything that we need."

Matthew Ginalick , Ginalick Electric, Washington, DC, www.ginalick.com

"The site looks great. We're very pleased! Thanks for all your help!"

Lesie Benton, Air Control Atlanta, Alpharetta, GA, www.aircontrolatlanta.com

Working for Happy Customers Helps Us Build Even Better Web Sites.

“I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy – but I couldn’t have done this without your team!”

Darrell Walling , Darrell Walling & Associates, Orange County, CA, www.darrellwalling.com

“I am really impressed with the customer service. Responsive and quick! Thank you”

Kristi L. Nelson, Greater Valley Appraisal, Henderson, NV, www.greatervalleyappraisal.com

“This site got me business from the other side of the country! As a marketing tool this website has given our company a solid presence. It has saved us time and money.”

Pat Parsons , District/Metro Appraisals, Bowie, MD, www.districtmetroappraisals.com

“My Clients Love it! It is easy to receive appraisal requests and I don’t have to be at the office to receive the requests! I am very pleased.”

Peter Bolino , Peter Bolino & Associates, Morgan Hill, CA, www.bolinoassociates.com

“Everyone was great to work with and my site turned out great!”

“Thank you all for the excellent and extremely fast Web design work. I am very pleased and will recommend you to anyone who needs a website.”

Mike Perez, Advanced Home Inspections, Birmingham, AL, www.InspectAlabama.com

“Customers and prospects are already finding me even though the site has been live for only a week or two.”

Mark Hatheway, Inside Out Home Inspections, East Hampton, CT, www.insideouthomeinspectionsllc.com

Happy Customers is Our #1 Goal!

“30% of my inspections (and revenue) can be traced back to my new Market Hardware Web site!"

Dwight Gadd, Blue Ribbon Home Inspections, Bellevue, WA, www.blueribboninspections.com

"Market Hardware gave me the web site I've been waiting for."

Rob Hopkin, Pro-Tec Inspection Services , Poolesville , MD, www.protec-inspections.com

“I am very pleased with both the Web site design and the ease of working with those boys. Give them a call.”

Rick Hinck, Heads Up Home Inspections, Chillicothe, IL, www.headsupinspections.com

"I just wanted to thank all of you at Market Hardware for the great experience in designing my site. I actually got a customer from the site within two weeks of it going live. So the expense of designing the site has already been covered. I have already referred at least two other companies, so keep up the good work."

Chad Grosklags, Atlas Termite & Pest Control Inc, Lilburn, GA, www.atlaspest.com

"It has helped save a lot of time for us and a our clients, we’re very happy, we use it as a part of all of our marketing, your continuing service has be excellent”

Gary Johnson , Gary's Termite & Pest Control, Dallas, TX, www.garystpc.com

“Thank you for providing a great design and personalized content. You gave me the right website. Great job.”

Cody Pace, Pace Family Pest Control, Chandler, AZ, www.pacefamilypestcontrol.com

Great Product + Reasonable Price = Happy Customer

“Saves me a ton of time – I don’t have to answer lots of questions because it’s all on the site – I use my site it in all my advertising – many of my new clients come from the web. I’m keeping this site for a heck of a long time!

Tim Russell , Golden Eagle Pest Control, Elk Grove, CA, www.goldeneaglepc.com

“I am very happy to have found your company. Now I know that I can close my eyes and trust you with your expertise. I will highly recommend your company."

Robert Matzer, Pest Control, Inc., Fresh Meadows, NY, www.07pestcontrol.com

“I hadn’t done a project like this before, Laureen was so understanding and patient. The service was awesome.”

Hope Amesquita, Taurus Termite, Brea, CA, www.taurustermite.com

"I appreciate your efforts; I think my site is great!!"

Roger Priest, Priest Inspections, Philadelphia, PA, www.priesthomeinspection.com

"Thanks Heidi! As always - the best service!"

Rob Krett, Colorado Property Inspections, Parker, CO, www.copropertyinspections.com

"Hi I just wanted to thank all of you who worked on my beautiful web site. Mostly Laureen had to put up with me so an extra special Thanks to her! I really enjoyed the experience and hope to continue a working relationship with you all I've already referred you to three other small businesses that have been searching for a good team and I am sure they will find it with your team. Best of luck to you all."

Lynda Gunby, Plant Peddler, Smyrna, GA, www.theplantpeddler.com

"Thank you again, Heidi for all of your valuable help. This website is helping my business and I do get complements all the time from my customers. Thanks. . ."

Robert King, Sun-King Home Inspections, Green Valley , AZ, www.sun-kinghomeinspections.com

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