About Market Hardware

Our Story.

We started Market Hardware to solve a marketing problem faced by many small businesses: To stay competitive, they need a credible presence on the Web. But getting the right website is a hassle.
Most local small business owners don't have the time or training to build or upgrade a site themselves. With many providers, purchasing a website can be a costly, complicated process. And even if they do buy one, they aren’t sure the end result will look right for their business or be easy to update.
That’s why 10 million small businesses don’t have websites yet.
But the dramatic surge in Internet queries for local merchants and services has made the need for a site greater than ever.
We built Market Hardware to meet that need.
We provide small businesses with a website that is easy to buy, build, and update. We make getting the right site a simple, comfortable and affordable experience.

Market Hardware is based in Washington, DC. The company is run by a seasoned team with extensive technology and small business experience.

Our Name.

The Market Hardware name was chosen to reflect the same usefulness that the neighborhood hardware store provides: wide selection, and clear no-nonsense advice on a subject about which most people are not all that comfortable.

Why Market Hardware?

Market Hardware understands small businesses and small business owners. Friendly staff with knowledge of your industry speak to you on the phone at your convenience. Then, Market Hardware does all the work to professionally design a site that’s just right for your business. We listen, we answer your questions and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Our People.


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